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Image by Rachel Park

Intuitive Eating Dietitian Specializing in
Family Mealtimes, Chronic Dieting, 

and Body Image Resilience.

I help individuals and families find freedom with food.


Dodds MS, RDN

Hi, I’m glad you’re here! I’m Alisa, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. I'm here to support individuals of all sizes who want a better relationship with food and their body. I'm here to help parents navigate dynamic mealtimes, and raise food and body confident children.  Together we can challenge black-and-white thinking in eating, and in family feeding.  We can move away from rigid food rules, and remember what it feels like to eat intuitively. 

It’s not about willpower.


It’s not that you didn’t try hard enough.



Outside Dinner

If you are reading this perhaps you have spent much of your life cautiously considering which foods to eat or not to eat.


After previous weight-loss attempts, maybe you have given up dieting, and then diligently focused on wellness by eliminating one food after another.


All of your efforts may have led to a relationship with food that feels chaotic and sometimes out of control. 

Or perhaps you are a parent uncertain how to feed your child as their food preferences and eating habits change daily.


Despite your many attempts, your child still refuses to eat a variety of foods, and has a strong preference for all things sugar.

You are not alone. 


Parents carry a lot of pressure to raise "healthy eaters". As children grow and bodies change, new challenges are presented.


I work with individuals and families as they improve their relationship with food and build body image resilience.

Let's work together to stop micromanaging your food.

Shaming and judging yourself are not effective motivators.

You deserve an abundance of self-compassion.


*While I never discount a client’s lived experience, current scientific research does not support the premise of food addiction as it does with drug addiction.

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